Programs and Services


                                                 Residential Services

ACN believes that home is where a happy life begins. We break from industry standards with our commitment to matching individuals to compatible housemates, ensuring privacy by requiring separate bedrooms for all individuals not related to one another, and ensuring a typical home-like environment by limiting group homes to no more than three individuals. ACN group homes are located in single-family neighborhoods, close to services such as bus lines, shopping, fitness centers, library, and potential employers. Extended family homes, in which individuals live with a family that is not their biological family, are located throughout the Omaha metro area.

For individuals and families who wish to access individualized services, provided in their own or family homes, ACN works to find the right match in staff who fit the needs of the individual and are available at times desired by the individual and/or family.


                                                 Vocational Services

ACN’s pre-vocational workshop turns the traditional sheltered workshop on its head by offering a warm, nurturing, and creative environment in which clients choose from a variety of arts and crafts projects and create attractive and useful items which are marketed through craft fairs and boutiques. Teaching includes the basics of the work day: arriving on time, putting personal items away, staying on task until scheduled break times, etc. Multiple opportunities for choice during the workday ensure that each individual feels his/her worth in the workplace. An added feature of ACN’s program is the commitment to assist individuals in moving toward competitive employment in the community, working with ACN’s employment services to find a good job match.

Transition Services

ACN offers educational services for students who are transitioning from school to adulthood, typically between the ages of 17 and 21, under contract with a variety of Nebraska school districts.  Students in the transition program follow the plan of instruction as outlined in their Individual Education Plan (IEP) in a calm, structured environment.

Employment Connections

ACN Connections offers employment services to individuals with developmental disabilities who would like competitive employment in the community. The intensive individual profiles and preference inventories lead our job developers to find jobs which match the needs and preferences of our clients, benefiting both the employee and the employer by creating a positive and beneficial job match.



Respite provides a temporary break from the rigors of being the primary caretaker of a person with developmental disabilities. Persons who are authorized for specialized developmental disabilities respite may choose ACN to provide their respite services. ACN finds that respite is best for the individual with autism or other developmental disability when it is provided in the individual’s own home. To that end, ACN offers well-trained respite providers who will come into your family home to provide care at times scheduled between you and the provider.