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ACN - Omaha       ACN - Lincoln
9012 Q Street       3901 North 27th Street, Suite 6
Omaha, NE 68127-3549       Lincoln, NE 68507
402-315-1000       402-979-4000



General Information 

Human Resources


 Jim Ryan, human resources administrator



Residential and Supported Services


 Michael Blackstone, residential coordinator

 Amy Nygaard, supported services coordinator

 Jen Neeley, extended family home & respite coordinator 


Vocational and Transition Services


Jane Gray, vocational projects coordinator

ACN Connections


 Jeanne Smay, job development

 Susanna Johnston, employment consultant

 Claudia Schulte, employment consultant

Officers and Directors


 Diane Pacal, director of residential and supported services

 Leslie Bishop Hartung, director of quality assurance and staff  development

 Richard Lowery, chief financial officer

 Brett Samson, chief executive officer & president